Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Continued Public Art…in Gahanna

Last September, the Public Arts Steering Committee of the Gahanna Parks and Recreation Foundation unveiled its first piece of public art in Creekside Park. 
The Committee is reconvening to discuss the continued downtown arts presence as well as other opportunities for public art in Gahanna.  Please join us at 6pm on Wednesday, January 18 in the Finance Conference Room on the second floor of City Hall (200 South Hamilton Road).  If you are not able to attend, but are interested in becoming involved, please email Brandi Braun at brandi.braun@gahanna.gov.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ask City Hall: Metering Traffic Lights on the Hamilton to the I-270 Ramps

Pam S. of Gahanna asked, “I have noticed the new metering traffic lights on the Hamilton to I-270 ramps. But I cannot figure out why they have a light on the back side? Which would face wrong-way traffic - coming "up" the down ramp. What gives?

We asked the Department of Service Deputy Director, Michael Andrako for the answer.

It is for enforcement. The Police would be sitting just past the meter on the ramp. They monitor it from the back and when they see a violation they can begin pursuit without having a line of cars in front of them,” Andrako said.

Also, if you are wondering why they are usually not functioning, they are activated only when I-270 reaches a certain level of congestion. This is monitored by detection units near the meters.”

Thanks for your great question Pam. 

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